Live-Coding, new tools, visuals, music. Another super-active and rewarding month full of tinkering and joy.

Three beamer setup / Live VJing
The month began with a new venue in Cologne, that is still evaluating. I had the great opportunity to setup a 3-videobeamer-VJ night for the very first “hello-world” party (that was connected to the Pirate Summit).

I invited two other VJs and we played almost the whole night together with the DJs. Although we had lots of really small mishaps, this night turned out to be really awesome. The people – the location… still inspiring me today.


Bring your own Beamer (BYOB) at Digital 3mpire gallery

Düsseldorf has a new gallery for net- and new media art, called “digital3mpire“. All made possible by the artist Florian Kuhlmann.

To celebrate the opening, we had a “Bring your own beamer”-Event. On total there were about 11 artists, who were showing their works on the beamers.

Martin_Wisniowski_Sebastian_Blank byob, digital empire Düsseldorf
My work is that one in the corner on the left side

SuperSonic alpha
I released the first alpha-versions of my SuperSonic ruby to pure data live-coding tool.

Here is the link to the supersonic-repository and the releases ready to download.

Now you ask: what can I do with it? Here is a video, introducing the very first features.

PureData Livecoding practise

The September was dominated by my current interesting in LiveCoding. I played a lot with different tools, made patches, exercises and thought lots about “musical” algorithms.

This for example is a mixing-console in PureData, that is able to mix live-coded patches.


And here a made a small improvisation in trying to live-code in PureData from scratch.

Sonic Pi Tutorial
The one or the other has noticed, that there was big release of the Ruby-based music Live-Coding tool “Sonic Pi“. I can encourage everyone to try this tool, because it is just great! I made a video-tutorial, that shows how to make synced-threads in Sonic Pi. Feel free to share!!

MIDI Shields
The Arduino MIDI-shields have arrived and I soldered, tested and programmed the first one. An awesome tool with great possibilities to connect the world of code with professional music hardware.


Pyxel Edit / Pixel Practise
Pyxel Edit is the name of the next “favorite tool” I discovered this month. It is a pixel, tile and sprite-editor that is really well designed and available for all operating systems (because it is build about the Adobe Air virtual machine). Both user interface and features are very balanced.
Here is a small late night sketch I made with Pyxel.


Swift Generative TextPattern
In a “hands-on Swift” minute, I applied things I learned from music-algorithms on generating a text pattern. This is the result: a neat text-pattern generated by a Swift script. I like it a lot!


Connect @nodepond
That’s all for the September. If you like that stuff, connect to get more recent updates on everything. Like me on Facebook or follow me on twitter @nodepond.

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Today I wrote a little parser, that converts tilemap-data from the Pyxel-Pixeleditor ( to Mogamett (a work-in-progress game engine, build upon Love2d).

This could be useful for anyone, so I share! Here is the stuff:

Pyxel to Mogamett Parser


  • Run this script in the same folder, where you have exported the ’tilemap.json’ from Pyxel
  • The tilemap is named ‘Layer 0′
  • The collisionmap is named ‘Layer Collide’

It generates lua-code ready to c&p paste. There is an more accurate usage example in the ruby-file itself.

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Let’s name it… It was a music month!

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Demoparty Evoke in Cologne was a blast again! I made a DJ-set in front of really open-minded people. Enjoyable! I was able to play some brillant and some weird vinyls as well. Had also my videobeamer at hand made some wildbeamin’ in the hall.


It was Gamescom again in Cologne. This year with another new big number of visitors. My highlights this year were indie-games i.e. indie mega-booth and the huge, renewed retro-game part of the fair. Indie games really get better and better.

The C3S – the fair alternative to the GEMA – made a barcamp and their annual “Generalvollversammlung”, where we could all vote about ongoing things about the C3S. The people and the atmosphere was open and very constructive. Awesome people who make this thing. Be a part of it and join the C3S. It is really worth to support the goals of the C3S.



Micro Nord
I obtained a new interesting piece of hardware: the Nord Micro Modular. Small, compact, easy to transport, lots of sound-design possibilities and excellent sound. It is from the mid 90iers, but still a very good piece of hardware. It took me some time, to get the vintage programming-software up- and running, but I made it and here is the first patch I made. A chiptunes adventure. I am very curious about new wired sounds coming up – since I am into algorithmic music right now – all possible with the modular design of this piece of hardware!


We are still debating about progressing the “Drehkommando” (our little concept of pulling together some MIDI-gear and making live-improvisation from scratch). Current thoughts develop into the direction of trying sound-installations and live-coding as well. The next staging will be on the 8th November 2014. Maybe there will be some more (open) studio sessions before as well.


Own projects
Small increments on own projects. Next week notes we will have content to show!

A work-in-progress sketch of SuperSonic

Some pixelart-sketches…

vvvv-UserGroup meeting again at the Dingfabrik. This time I learned deeper insights of shader-coding. Awesome!

The Digitac e.V. – a digital art culture space in Aachen – tried a new format. The so called “Drehbar”. It is a little bit like “Drehkommando” meets “Demoscene” and I am very curious into what sort of event this one will develop. I was invited the live-improvise that night with others – and the night turned out to be awesome! We made in parts the live-score to the movie Metropolis. We jammed five hours of very nice electronic music from scratch. Just like I said: in Aachen you sometimes experience surprises. The next Drehbar is scheduled for the 27. September 2014.


…and much much more
There was still more stuff, but this article is already this long. If you want to get more accurate updates on my activities, connect via Twitter: @nodepond.

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Here is a very early demo of my live-coding sequencer “SuperSonic”. It demonstrates to most basic functionality. The Ruby-console (irb) connects to the SuperSonic-pd-patch via a socket. You can then use your keyboard to program sequences – the will be much more high-level commands following!

The sequences are then routed to MIDI-channels. In this case I use Ableton Live to make some noise, but you are not limited to this workflow. You can also route the sequences to other PureData patches or even to hardware via MIDI!

There are still some small issues with handling the velocities, but I guess the “minimum viable product” will be released within the next weeks.

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A lot of in-progress. No too much stuff to show off, but some. Worshipping Kanban again, made some changes in my own Kanban-process, getting more focused and productive.

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1. Flying Orlov
Our media sculpture form Flying Orlov left Cologne and is on its way to St. Petersburg. We wish our “tiny” little guy a good journey – may he array St. Petersburg save and in a good mood!


2. Light-Up Lehmbruck
I helped getting a videobeamer-related events for kids at the Lehmbruck-Museum in Duisburg rollin’. The event was called “Light-up Lehmbruck” (Link at jfc). It was a four day workshop, where kids learned how to use new media “videobeamers” to modify their surroundings. The workshop was organized by the jfc Medienzentrum (Cologne) and I gave them an initial tool- and technology-consulting: what is possible and what not – what can be expected.


3. E-Gitarren-Workshop Dingfabrik
At Dingfabrik we had a nice talk by Arne Rick. He gave insight into his experiences in building an own electric bass. We learned a lot about the art of manufacturing with wood, how tone-generation in electric guitars work and why (or why not) to roll your own pick-ups. An inspiring evening. Since then I think about building own speakers this fall.


4. Squirrel und Bär – Android
I played a role in getting the game “Squirrel & Bär” (by The Good Evil) available on Android and the Google Play store (Link). Now you have no more excuses to not get this awesome game!


5. Own Game
The work on my own game processed as well. Designed some conceptional groundwork, made technology decisions, lots of doodles and sketches…


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The first month after the highly intense work on the Orlovact just felt like… nothing. But if you take a look back with me, you will notice, that there is much stuff going on. New paths that are going to get explored.

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1. Wildbeaming Summer Season
Due to Soccer Championship, I thought, we could make something more original, than just take public viewings. In the preselection-rounds of the game I tries to make as many “wild-beamings” as possible. In the end just people sharing their places for this project ran dry. I guess, I have to think about a mobile power solution for the future. This project gave me many insights so far and golden moments as well.



2. Started to make a game again!
Still on a mission to make two games a year since early 2014. The first one was my entry at the Global Game Jam 2014 – the famous Rock, Paper, Scissors Textadventure called Sea of Rock, Paper and Scissors.

The game I currently started to work on will be suited for tables first – it will have some cool and unique characters and will be a little inspired by platformers, but there is also space for new things going on. It should be good playable on tablets and does not have a name yet!

3. Music
Months ago I started to get into music-creation process again. This month some music-sketch leaked into the web. Have a listen to “The Silent Orchestra”.

4. Nodepond Stickers
YES!! Just come and get one – or put me a line if you want one.


5. PureData User-Group Cologne
I finally managed to get the PureData User-Group Cologne up- and running. Dates are posted on the Dingfabrik-Calendar – and the dedicated pdCologne website. A 10 minute work made by own hands. That means, that the Dingfabrik currently hosts the vvvv and the PureData user groups – yay!

Pure Data UserGroup Cologne

6. Agile Games Lab
There is a new meetup-group in Cologne. They are about agile methods and how to use games to teach and/or reach out for better agility. Some of the “Cologne Independent Game Developers Network (CIGDN)” were also present, and I bet this wasn’t the last time we met!

7. Unwetter
Last but not least, we had that nature-event just right in front of our doors. The sky looked in parts like in those science fiction movies. It was just incredible!

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1. This month in easy to sum up: Orlov, orlov, orlov! We build the Orlov, we made one vernissage, got covered by the daily newspaper Express and the Droid-Boy Podcast. Then we unbuild the Orlov again, made some corrections, build it again. Another small vernissage. Unbuilding it again, which is still ongoing. A successful month and really hard work as well! But the work was worth it: the media-art sculpture just looks totally amazing in the scale 1:1. The next station for the #orlovact will be the St. Petersburg airport!!


2. There was also the Interactive Cologne 2014 event all over Cologne. It is a Creativity meets Business event, where I contributed with two things:

2a. I curated an game-exhibition at the Interactive Clubnight. It was a game-room, right next to the main-party event. And it was a success: the people had hell of joy at this game floor. Here is a cool review at nerd-gold summing up the experience. By the way, I also showcased my game “Hello Snakey” at this event as well.


(Picture by

2b. I made a talk about Live-Coding at the Interactive Cologne developers conference. All (including me) were satisfied about the goodness, that live-coding can bring to us.

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A little late, but here they are: the weeknotes for April 2014!



The kick-off went to a really cool netart-exhibition by Florian Kuhlmann in Cologne. Florian installed a local-based website, that is only available at the Ebertplatz in Cologne. Read more about the project at his website. The opening-event was awesome!


Then there was the 4 hour iBeacon-Hackathon, mainly organized by Jan Kus from Railslove. In 8 hours we learned everything about this new technology and also had hands-on technology. We hacked small projects in just 4 hours – a pure experience for every coder, hehe…



Finally we unveiled the big art project, we are working on for a year now. The ORLOVACT is a 4x4x8 meter huge multimedia art object, that we are manufacturing right at the moment in Cologne. The project contains lots of LED-lightboxes and a rear-video-projection. This object will be devlieved and installed at the Pulkovo international airport in St. Petersburg. I keep you updated about this project in this page as well, in the meantime check the Flying Orlov Webseite and join/like the Flying Orlov Facebook-page.



The REVISION 2014 easter demoscene-party was really good. I think I made a new personal best weekly Fitbit-score – not only because of the 5k run. Also some wild-projection with videobeamer in the hall.



Last not least, I gave a PureData-workshop at Dingfabrik with awesome participants. We want to meet regularly with as PureData – User Group now. If you want to participate, feel free to contact me. The dates will be also available at the Dingfabrik-eventcalendar.

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Weeknotes March-2014-03

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1. There was some progress on my Ruby-Music-Livecoding-Tool “SuperSonic“.


2. There was some progress on the PureData-based software-synth I am currently working on (still without a name).

3. Lot’s of work on our huge art-project again. We will soon go into the public with that one!

4. At Bames 11 (Beer and Games) we learned about Titanfall (X-BOX) and got a really deep insight into the Ingress-community in Cologne. Thanks!!

5. I attended the vvvv-Meetup #2 at Dingfabrik – the newest User-Group in Cologne. We care about art and technology, that will be glued together with vvvv.

6. Then I attended Robert Babicz Live at Arttheater / Treibstoff-Club. This was a really inspiring night! Showcasing, that playing electronic music live is still something else, that just DJing.


7. Next highlight was the release(-party) of the Squirrel and Bär game by Linda Kruse (The Good Evil). Followed by a meetup of the CIGDN (Cologne Independent Game Developers Network). It seems, that the indie-gamedev-movement in Cologne is slowly taking off… Finally! Many small and bigger projects are being made. Awesome!

8. Attended the Arduino Day at Dingfabrik. It was an relaxed Saturday with showcasing of many cool Arduino-projects. The Arduino-plattform went 10 on this day. This day showed, that Arduino is far away from being a dead one!

9. I was part of the Drehkommando at “Mülheimer Nacht“, KunstWerk Köln. This drehkommando was in public with audience and I think this was one of the best live-drehkommandos we ever had! A live-recording will be made available later this month.


10. We made progress at the Dingfabrik-garden. See two of my famous NodepondLOMO-pictures: (one) (two)

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The shortest month of the year – with many ongoing projects and small incremental progress. One of the fun things was the Drehkommando, where we made stuff with MIDI and our electronic music devices.

Lots of meetups and lots of Kölsch Karneval. A good month to enjoy – more output to come!

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