Nodepond BYOB-Transformer

Nodepond BYOB-Transformer

nodepond byob

This are three impressions from my projection-mapping installation at the Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB)-event we had in Cologne an the 6. March 2015 at the Bunker k101. There were about 1000 visitors!! The quality of the works and the networking was also very good.

I named my work “Transformer” (on the pictures that small thing on the right), because I projected directly into the room and used “found” architectonical details I highlighted with a slowly evolving pattern. The intensions to set an accent on the architectonical dimension of the projection-mapping. This work is a continuation of the works I developed during my “Wildbeamin’ Summer Season” in 2014.

The Website of the Bunker has got a good review / round-up of all works, that were shown during the event.

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