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What is HiScore?

HiScore is a pixeleditor for iPhone and iPod Touch. “HiScore” refers to the highest score that someone made in a game. We also want to score and do the best to make “HiScore” your favorite pixeleditor on-the-go.

When will it be released?

** This app is currently not available **


HiScore is pixeleditor for iPhone and iPod Touch. Unlike other pixeleditors, HiScore offers a pixel-perfect way of drawing pixels by using a cursor. The overall design of the editor is about getting results in a fast, solid and fun way. There are convenient tools like hot-picking colors on the screen with a double-click or drawing pixel-steps with the cursor keys, which is great when drawing outlines!

Artworks can be send easily send via e-mail to friends, developers, webdesigners or beloved ones. The file-browser lets you load, delete or duplicate artworks. Pictures are instantly saved – don’t care about the details, just draw, enjoy your work and share it.

HiScore Pixeleditor HiScore Pixeleditor - Example working with transparent color


  • Canvas sizes from 1×1 to 64×96 pixels
  • Alias-free zoom with grid-feature
  • Undo / redo
  • Save artwork as .png and send via e-mail (original size or up to 32 x zoomed)
  • Instant-saving
  • Hot-Color-Picker
  • Five palette colors + one recent drawing color
  • Transparent color
  • Line-fill horizontal and line-fill vertical
  • Delete and duplicate artworks
  • Browse your gallery with huge preview icons
  • Special SoundFX (can be disabled as well)
  • Manual
  • Use HiScore for:

  • Favicons
  • Sprites
  • Tiles
  • Creating avatars
  • Pixel-Patterns
  • Playing-around
  • Send lovely pixel-greetings to your friends
  • **FAQ**

    Somehow I can’t draw! How do I draw?

    Drawing is easy and optimized for optimal performance: Just tap your finger in the upper-side of the edit-screen (the drawing area) to draw with the recent color. Hold your finger there, to draw continuously. You can use the cursor-keys or the joypad the move the cursor, while drawing.

    I try to draw, but nothing happens / the colors mess up.

    HiScore got a special-colorpicker: If you double-tap on the joypad, you instantly pick the color as you recent color, where your cursor is. With that colorpicker mode, you can easily work with all colors, that are actually on the canvas, without constantly opening the color-editor.

    How can I edit the 5 preset-colors?

    In the color-menu is one field, that indicates the recent drawing color. Tap one time, to edit that color. Next there are 5 preset-colors. Tap them one time, to select the color as recent color. Double tap to open the color-edit menu.

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